Meet Our Executive – Dylan Murphy-Pettit

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Meet Our Executive – Dylan Murphy-Pettit

Koorie Youth Council

Dylan Murphy-Pettit is a proud Wakka Wakka and Wemba Wemba man living on Latji Latji and Barkindji Country in the Mallee Region. Hear how Dylan came to be involved as a KYC Executive member and what matters most to him.

How did you get involved with KYC?

I applied to become an Executive member on the website after Mum told me about KYC in late 2014. I joined the Exec in 2015 because I wanted more representation and to make sure what was happening in my community was brought to a greater light and to hopefully incite positive change.

What are the best things about being on the KYC Executive?

That you are given a greater platform and opportunities to not only speak about your experiences and what is happening in your community as well as to also develop further in attending conferences and other events.

What are the best things about the Koorie Youth Summit?

To be able to connect with other young Aboriginal people from across the state. To soak in culture and wisdom from speakers at the Summit and the opportunity to feel like your voice matters and is heard.

What issues are important to you?

Our young mob’s mental health and well-being. Our young mob entering the justice system. Greater support, representation and opportunities for First Nations peoples.

Who are your role models, and why?

My Mother for her strength and resilience to not only raise her kids single handedly but also continue grow and learn in her own right to attempt to heal from trauma.

My Grandfather Herbert Pettit for his sacrifice he made to worked tirelessly for over 50 years in community and ability to lead by example and action.

My Irish grandfather for his relentless work ethic and sacrifice in order to provide for his wife and 8 kids.

My sister Kyralee for her willingness to persevere through all challenges and continue her journey to learn from those who came before us in order to heal.

Brother boy Indi Clarke for his continued guidance and support of me. For being a rock for his family like I feel like I need to be at times.

What’s your favourite quote?

“Excellence is not a singular act but a habit, you are what you repeatedly do.” – Aristotle

What things do you do to keep well in mind, body and spirit?

Connect with friends and family, go for walks on Country, keep active and fit through gym and sport, listen to music and podcasts.​