Logo Artist

The 2020 Koorie Youth Summit logo with three figures in the middle surrounded by yellow orange and red

The 2020 Koorie Youth Summit artist is Rubii Red! Rubii is a proud Lama Lama woman from Cairns, QLD who grew up in Melbourne. Rubii is a portrait and abstract artist, whose work focuses on culture, representation of our people and her experiences in a contemporary way. Rubii is passionate about representation, especially for young people and children, as well as images that are empowering.


Rubii’s artwork story:

“The figures standing within the middle of the image are young people that are connecting together through various methods of communication whether that be through; yarning circles, workshops, camps, summits, events, festivals etc. They represent all of us young mob coming together and having yarns, catching up or meeting new people and forming bonds with those people. The light that appears behind them or around them represents healing that we feel when we connect with each other. Each time we share a bit of ourselves we slowly start to heal and the more we open up, the more stronger we become. We heal in various ways, but I think as young people it’s imperative to surround yourself with others, because we are not alone. We are never truly alone.
The transparent figures behind our subject matter could be either our elders and ancestors or us learning to grow as human beings, as adults in this world and gathering knowledge from our experiences. You can interpret those figures as either or, but they represent growth and learning.
The line work amongst this piece represents songlines, connecting with each other once again but being able to maintain that connection from young people to when we grow to become adults. Because communication and staying connected to other people, I think, is important to us as it helps to ground us, motivate us and remind us every day we are loved and we are not alone.”

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