Wayipunga Resource

Wayipunga (supporting young people) logo. Illustration of Bunjil flying in a blue sky surrounded by footsteps.

Wayipunga (supporting young people) is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth participation framework that provides workers, organisations and government with strategies to support young people’s participation in decision-making processes. The framework is made up of three sections: Values, Knowledge and Actions. All three are interrelated and each informs the other.

Wayipunga calls on everyone who works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to join us in sharing their voices and practising the principles of meaningful engagement to ensure they are empowered to participate in matters that are important to them. 

At KYC, we acknowledge and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people as decision-makers and leaders in their own right. In recognition of this and through our work, we saw a great need to establish a resource and framework that would support both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and mainstream services to better engage and enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to participate fully in matters that affect their lives through a best practice model that was accessible across sectors.

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Koorie Youth Participation Network

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