Ways to keep ourselves connected and grounded

Illustration of phones, a young person painting, guitar, and cooking elements.

Ways to keep ourselves connected and grounded

It is a stressful time and can feel overwhelming. You might be feeling disconnected because of all the changes and feeling unsure from your friends, family or school during this time.

Remember that you are not alone and there is support out there. Here are some ways to keep strong and healthy during this challenging time.

Yarn with friends, other young mob or loved ones!

Even though we need to physically distance, we can still yarn on the phone and connect with each other over the internet. Check in on your Elders too by giving them a call when you can, since we’re not able to visit them in person. Connect with the groups that have been set up by and for black fullas on social media. Know that even though you might be isolated, you are not alone.

Sleep well, eat well and exercise

We need to look after ourselves first before we can look out for those around us. The key to doing so is through trying to get into a consistent routine with sleep, food and exercise. Even though it might be difficult, try to get to sleep before 12am each night so you can get your 7-8 hrs.

Get in tune with your creative self and connect with country if you can

Our people have been telling our stories through artwork, song and dance for thousands of years. Practice what our people have been doing and reconnect with your culture by getting in tune with your creative self, whether that’s through artwork, writing a poem or a song.

Challenge yourself to learn a new skill!

Now is the best time to challenge yourself in trying something that you have never tried before. Help your loved ones out around the house by learning how to cook a meal for dinner. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be one of those uncles that pulls out the guitar round the campfire and plays a deadly tune. You have to start somewhere, may as well start now.

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Remember if you need support, there is support out there. 🖤

Keeping our mob healthy and safe

There are restrictions that we must follow in Melbourne and regional Victoria to keep ourselves and our communities safe.

Illustration by Nakia Cadd, Gunditjmara, Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung, Bunitj.

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