The Koorie Youth Summit Returns to Empower Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voices Across Victoria

The 2024 Koorie Youth Summit, themed “Ancestor’s Footsteps, Young Voices, Empowering Futures,” announces its vision to empower young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, drawing inspiration from the legacies of our ancestors.

Scheduled for June 17-19th, the Summit, organised by the Koorie Youth Council, invites Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people living in Victoria, aged 18-28, to come together in Melbourne/Naarm for a transformative experience. Established in 2014, the Koorie Youth Summit has become the largest gathering in Victoria, fostering connections, dialogue, and empowerment for young people across the state.

“We look forward to hearing from many people from all over our Victorian community and discuss topics that matter to our youth in the advocacy space.” says Koby Sellings, Community Engagement Facilitator. “In 2023, we focused on bringing mob back together and healing after a very full-on couple of years. This year’s Summit continues that theme of healing and connection after another challenging year, while also directing attention towards outcomes and ‘what’s next?’ in the policy and advocacy space. We look forward to hosting a range of different voices and mob from all over the state.”

The Summit promises a dynamic program featuring renowned speakers, interactive yarning circles, and hands-on workshops. Previous years have seen influential figures such as Uncle Archie Roach, Adam Briggs, Adam Goodes, Eddie Betts, Steven Oliver, Allira Potter, Rarriwuy Hick, Belinda Duarte, Aunty Di Kerr, and Tunchai Redvers, alongside many leaders from across our communities.

“It’s remarkable looking back at what mob did pre-COVID at the Summit and hearing how many people were involved and engaged.” adds Sellings. “Last year was my first Summit both as an attendee and being involved in the organising process. Even just the way this one is being set up is exciting. I’m keen for our mob to come together and create the space that they feel most comfortable to engage in. I can’t wait to hear from our young mob.”

Participants can anticipate opportunities to listen, heal, share, and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture while collectively envisioning pathways for progress. By amplifying diverse voices and perspectives, the Summit aims to empower attendees to effect meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

“We are excited to facilitate a space for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to come together, have their voices heard, be grounded in culture and community, and feel black joy.”

– Leyla Quartermaine, Deputy Executive Officer

General registrations are now open! Follow this link for more details.

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