Our Executive is made up of 15 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, aged 16-27 years, from across Victoria. Our Executive guide and support Koorie Youth Council (KYC) in all of the work we do. Our Executive ensure we are working towards our vision for ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people collectively creating our future’.

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KYC has a rich history and is the only organisation of its kind in the country. KYC is a dedicated representative organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in policy and advocacy. 

KYC was established in 2003 as the Victorian Indigenous Youth Advisory Council (VIYAC). It came out Of the then Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), a nationally appointed body which operated from 1990-2004. VIYAC was created with the support of the Victorian Aboriginal community and Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic). In 2012, VIYAC became known as the Koorie Youth Council.


“Koorie Youth collectively creating our futures so that all young people feel safe, seen and heard.”

In 2022 KYC staff and Executive Committee hosted a series of workshops to review and refine the strategic direction of the organisation for the next five years.
At the heart of our organisation are our values, guided by the strength of our Elders, We are committed to enhancing the diversity and strength of Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Young People, and their unique lived experiences and perspectives.


Youth-led: We recognise that the strength of our organisation is the strength of our relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people we exist to represent.
Accountable: We are mindful of our actions and behaviours. We understand our words and behaviours carry meaning. We act with integrity and accountability through our relationships with young mob, ACCOS and the broader community.
Respectful: We show respect in how we connect and community. We respect our Elders, our kin, our knowledge systems, the land, the waterways and our culture.


Bonnie Dukakis (she/her)

Executive Officer

Leyla Quartermaine (she/her)

Deputy Executive Officer

Zach Smith (he/him)​

Policy and Advocacy Officer

Hope Kuchel (she/her)​

Senior Project Officer – Youth Justice Voice Initiative


Our vision

Koorie Youth collectively creating our futures so that all young people feel safe, seen and heard.

Facilitate Community Engagement: KYC will facilitate safe and engaging spaces with rich dialogues for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people living in Victoria in regional, rural, and metro environments. We are an inclusive space for all young people, including those living off their traditional lands.
Provide Policy, Advocacy and Research: Through good governance, robust data and evidence, and community engagement and conversations, KYC will amplify the voices, aspirations, and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.
Embedding Youth Participation: Through the Values, Knowledge, and Actions outlined in Wayipunga, KYC will set the benchmark for youth participation in the sector.
Ensure Strong Governance and Independence: To aspire towards achieving our vision, it is important that KYC stays on track. KYC will stay vision driven to ensure the sustainability of our vision.


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Operations Coordinator

Youth Participation Coordinator

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