Marram Nganyin (We are strong)

Koorie Youth Council (KYC) has been funded by Office for Youth within the Department of Fairness, Families and Housing (DFFH) to support the development and delivery of Aboriginal youth mentoring programs across Victoria.

Mentoring has been taking place in our communities for generations. It is often innate and/or informal, and carried out through the Elders’ traditional role of sharing the wisdom, the knowledge and the spirit. The work of Marram Nganyin and the local mentoring projects seeks to build on this natural mentoring process and combine it with formal structures to further improve outcomes for young participants.

Marram Nganyin is a youth mentoring program for Aboriginal young people aged 12-25 years old. The program is run by Aboriginal organisations that deliver the programs, with support from KYC.


We assist and support local Aboriginal services to:

  • consult with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people about project design and delivery;
  • provide training for new mentors;
  • assist with developing resources to support local projects in delivering mentoring programs;
  • ensure local mentoring projects are delivered in line with the Australian National Mentoring.

This program is supported and funded by Department of Families, Fairness and Housing under the Office for Youth to support the development of Aboriginal youth mentoring programs across Victoria.

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Marram Nganyin is a name provided by the Wurundjeri Tribe and Lands Compensation Heritage Council meaning ‘we are strong’ in language provided by the Wurundjeri People.

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