Past Summits – 2023

2023 Koorie Youth Summit

We are proud to be hosting our 2023 Koorie Youth Summit at various locations on the lands of the Gunai Kurnai peoples’ in Lakes Entrance, Victoria. Our three day conference is an opportunity which is extended to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged between 18-28 years who live permanently in Victoria.

The KYC is the largest gathering in Victoria created for and by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged 18-28 years. Since 2014, KYC has hosted the event to create a safe space for young mob to gather from around the state to connect with each other, discuss what is important to us, be proud, learn, share and celebrate our culture.
Each year, our Summit centres around a theme, and features deadly speakers and yarning circles and workshops.


Meet the 2023 Summit artist

A little bit about our deadly artwork and artist for 2023 – Siona.

“My name is Siona, and I have strong connections to the Moiradu tribe of the Bangerang Nation, Kerrupmara tribe of the Gunditjmara Nation and Wiradjuri through my mother. My father is a Murri from Queensland. He belongs to Kukuyalanji and Girramay tribes. I love spending time with my family and I really love doing my First Nation art by using different mediums like using canvas and digital art.

This artwork is about youth and about how everyone comes from different mobs and places and [represents] everyone coming together as one to talk [about] what is important to us young people. The artwork design is possum skin pelts in a circle and each pelt represents different mob within Victoria. The circle represents a yarning circle and this is where our voice is being heard. The background represents my cultural connection to the Murray River. I chose the colour purple to pay respect to a special sister girl.”


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